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Our Community Power

Our Community Power is another community blogging experience, only this blog is more topically focused. Our Community Power (as per the ‘About’ page) is “…a group of friends who want to explore, discover, share and laugh” as they broach the very serious topics of credit and debt management, mortgages, insurance, and more. Together, these friends have compiled some very good, very practical and real-world advice for people interested in improving personal financial control and learning more about financial/identity security in a fast-paced modern environment.

Our Community Power – Why You Should Go

As we’ve said here before, many people struggle with issues of personal finance and debt management. With so many financial products and issues, navigating the waters of personal finance can be extremely confusing and complex, particularly if financial matters are not your strong suit.

Our Community Power works to make financial matters more understandable. Bloggers write on a variety of topics, all very relevant to the average person. The blog covers a wide variety of personal finance topics, including

• Credit
• Debt
• Mortgage
• Personal Finance
• Insurance

Topics are approached from a practical viewpoint, offered by people with either experience or a strong understanding of the matters at hand. Insight is offered as to the responsible use of credit and debt, as well as personal accountability, security, and appropriateness of certain programs under individual circumstances.

One of the best features of Our Community Power is its clean arrangement. Although topics vary among the categories depending on the day and the post, the blog administrators have taken the time to neatly organize old and new post into logical, searchable categories; this navigation can be found on the ‘Arranged Blog Posts’ page so that you can quickly find the topics of most interest to you.

Summing Up Our Community Power

In a complex and changing financial world, every person needs resources to help keep them on and/or ahead of the curve. Our Community Power is such a resource; it’s an excellent blog to follow as you work to improve your personal financial situation and also as you work to continue to maximize financial advantages for you.

Go and check out Our Community Power for yourself.

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    We like your blog!…

    Mabuhay, my colleagues and I heard of your blog over at McBrides, so we thought we would take a look. We’ve read several of your posts and we all agree that you have a fine writing style

  2. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    Thanks! I appreciate your kind words.

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