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Almost Frugal

There is probably not one of us reading this who at some point did not wish that we could be a better master of the arts of frugality. After all, we see them featured on the evening news—those people who can squeeze two dollars out of two cents and consistently get more for less. We think if they can we can, but that’s not always the case.

Almost Frugal – Why You Should Go

Kelly Rigotti, an American ex-pat living in France with her husband and children, is no master either, but she’s working her way towards more frugal living. In part, it’s in the interest of paying off college debts, and in part it’s for the accomplishment. Either way, there’s no arguing that Kelly is better off keeping more of her family’s hard-earned cash.

Her blog is her journey toward frugality. She says she’s not quite frugal yet, but she’s always progressing and learning new things along the way; new things that she shares with us on her blog for our benefit and for hers and in the interest of building a community to help each other along toward their frugal goals. She offers many tips and tricks, loads of information, and even a “Quick Start” guide for newcomers.

Summing Up Almost Frugal

Kelly finds herself in a place where many of us do—wanting to develop better spending and money management habits for our own good, but not quite at the level of frugal mastery. This being the case, hers is a blog many of us can learn from and feel comfortable calling home.

Go here to check out Almost Frugal.

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