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Managing Personal Finance

Managing Personal Finance is an easily understood blog about, not surprisingly, topics of personal finance. It is a resource for the average person through which can be gained a better understanding of many topics important to personal financial management.

Absent of an ‘About’ page, it is not entirely clear who the actual ‘owner’ of the blog is, although contact information for ‘Devray1‘ is given. This is of little consequence as the posts appear thoughtful, informed, and well thought-out, but nevertheless, if you like to get to know your author first, you might be minorly frustrated. On the other hand, this lack of pre-information lets you focus more on the content and allows you to take it for its international appeal without any predetermined opinions.

Managing Personal Finance – Why You Should Go

Personal finance is a topic many individuals and homes deal with. Many of us come into life unprepared for the task of managing our incomes and laying a solid foundation of finance for our homes, our families, and our lives. The author and contributors to this blog (listed as Anirudhi and Kinkini) seem to have a deep understanding of this, and work to bring a variety of personal finance topics to light, breaking them down in small, digestible pieces and explaining them in understandable ways.

The ‘Categories’ list is a good example of the topics and posts that you can read about on this blog:

• Banking
• Credit Cards
• Economy
• Home
‚Ä¢ Insurance (including children’s insurance plans)
• Investment
• Marketing
• Review

Summing Up Managing Personal Finance

Many people continue to face personal finance issues as adults, and without understandable resources to clarify and guide them, they will continue to on into the future; in many cases the ignorance will be passed on to following generations. Blogs like Managing Personal Finance offer a very good, and little time-consuming way to understand personal finance better and to start on the road to personal finance recovery.

Go and check out Managing Personal Finance for yourself.

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