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Yielding Wealth

Yielding Wealth is a personal finance blog with the intention of helping you build a stronger portfolio of personal financial success.

Yielding Wealth – Why You Should Go

Miranda Marquit has plenty of experience to back her blog. For this B5 Media Bizia blog, she writes about topics of personal finance and investing; she also writes on at least two other blogs related to personal finance and loans and mortgages.

Yielding Wealth is a blog that covers a little bit of everything related to personal finance. Miranda offers book reviews and recommendations, news and commentary on legislation (largely U.S. based in this category as that is her home base) that affects consumers and their finances, and tips and strategies for maximizing your personal wealth. Through it all, Miranda writes knowledgeably and understandably (which is important, as these topics do have the potential to grow confusing), and invites readers in to share more and learn more through discussion.

Summing Up Yielding Wealth

The best way I can think of to describe Miranda Marquit’s Yielding Wealth blog is as a fitness blog for finance. It’s like the food and exercise you need to optimize your financial health and well being. Optimal financial health—now who doesn’t want that?

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