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Thyme For Cooking

It’s been a while since we’ve reviewed a food and cooking blog, which is primarily what drew me to Thyme For Cooking when first I came across it. What drew me in, well, that was something different.

Thyme For Cooking – Why You Should Go

From the name, you might expect Thyme for Cooking to be an online recipe book of sorts; and if that is what you go looking for you will not be disappointed in the least. Not only does the blog offer up a new mouth-watering recipe by the day—complete with pictures—but it also comes complete with a parent website of the same name dedicated to healthy, delicious, easy daily menu planning.

However, the real surprise of the blog is the one-two punch that it packs. It is written by Katherine Lerum Zeller, an expat who has spent the last 10 years abroad in Ireland, Andorra, and now France, collecting as many stories as she has recipes—possibly more. Each post is preceded by an amusing and entertaining story, which ends, quite naturally, with the dish of the day.

Summing Up Thyme For Cooking

Katherine’s blog delivers everything you’d expect to find and so much more. Come share your love of food, cooking, and good story-telling with Katherine as she moves around the world and collects more food for thought.

Go here to check out Thyme for Cooking.

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