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Chef Tom Cooks

There is one place that Thomas Andrew is and always has been at home—in the kitchen. As he says, whether cooking for a packed restaurant or for family and friends at home, he always enjoys preparing great food for others, and no doubt they enjoy it, too.

Chef Tom Cooks – Why You Should Go

There is one other place that Chef Tom Andrews has come to feel at home, and that is on the internet. So, after working his way up through the ranks of the kitchen, becoming an established head chef, and also earning his degree in restaurant management to compliment his cooking talents, Chef Tom took his talents to the web-waves and developed his blog, Chef Tom Cooks.

What you’ll find at the blog are all sorts of posts with tips, tricks, instructions, and recipes (including some excellent copycat recipes of your favorite commercial flavors and products that you can make easily right at home–that alone made a subscriber out of me!). There are also posts about Chef Tom’s foray into growing his own ingredients in his home garden….everything a home-cook could want in a cooking blog (including the cookbook to go along with it).

Summing Up Chef Tom Cooks

That does about sum it up. Chef Tom brings us a blog full of great expert cooking advice that is simple enough for even the novice to make some excellent top-quality dishes, while providing all the resources you need to get the job done.

Go here to check out Chef Tom Cooks.

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  1. Thomas Andrew Says:

    Thanks Mary for this great review! :-)

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Very welcome–well deserved!!

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