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Life On A Southern Farm

Go far enough back in your family genealogy and you are guaranteed to find some agrarian roots there. In fact, they are probably not as far removed as you think. And doesn’t it seem that at heart some part of you longs for that back-to-basics living?

Back-to-basics living is what Life on a Southern Farm is all about. This is the blog of ga.farmwoman (married to farm man), a Georgia (US) farmer living what she terms “a back to basics, debt free sort of life with hard work to keep us occupied.”

Life On A Southern Farm – Why You Should Go

Farm and rural living may be something we all have ties to, but it is not something that many people have direct contact with anymore. So it is a gift to have a person like Farmwoman sharing her journey with us. This is a place where you can get a glimpse of the simpler (not easier, just less complex) life of living on the farm and get in touch with your roots, and with the kind of living that feeds you (literally).

Farmwoman offers posts full of entertaining farm and critter pictures, as well as teasingly mouth-watering harvesting and cooking recipes and notes. It wouldn’t be surprising if you left this blog thinking that this just might be the way life should be.

Summing Up Life On A Southern Farm

Across the country or across the world, farming is an essential part of our heritage and our very continued existence. Those dedicated to this way of life are to be respected; and what is one of the best ways to gain a level of respect for those unlike us (or even those with whom we share something in common)? To get to know their world, and the motivations that drive them. This blog can do that for you as you look to gain a better appreciation of the more basic necessities and simpler enjoyments in life.

Go here to check out Life On A Southern Farm.

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