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Black Belt Scrapping

Informational and educational blogs serve a high purpose, but sometimes you just need a blog where you feel like you can pull up a chair, read, chat, and relate. Yes, personal blogs are every bit as important as business- and learning-oriented blogs (although I’m willing to bet there are people who would deem them more so); once you’ve accepted this as truth, the only thing left to do is connect with the people you’d like to call ‘friend.’ And here’s a deserving applicant for the job—Barb Hogan of Black Belt Scrapping.

Black Belt Scrapping – Why You Should Go

Black Belt Scrapping is a compilation of interests of our friend Barb Hogan. Barb has a lot on her plate as a wife, mother, scrap-booker, sideline photographer, and second-degree black belt in Taekwondo; and let’s not forget blogger (maintaining not one blog but two—Pixelated is her online photoblog). Her posts are taken right from life, and written in a hearteningly amusing, down-to-earth tone that makes you appreciate how she writes as much as what she’s writing. When reading Barb’s blog (which has archives dating back to 2005), you get the distinct feeling that this is a person who you can connect and commiserate with, and still come away feeling better for it.

Summing Up Black Belt Scrapping

Barb Hogan’s blog is more personal in nature, but it’s just that personality that makes this blog a must-see. Visit Barb and share in her myriad interests and activities, and maybe make a new friend along the way.

Go here to check out Black Belt Scrapping.

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