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Around Roanoke – A Daily Photo

We’ve had photos from France and photos from England, and today we are treated to the daily photos of the Roanoke, Virginia, USA area.

Around Roanoke – A Daily Photo – Why You Should Go

Around Roanoke is the photographical hobby of Tanya Breese, a mother of four who has slowly progressed from one U.S. coast to another, starting out in Southern California and landing in Roanoke, Virginia and the apparent dream life in the home of her dreams. As Virginia is her now home-base, it is the base for her daily photo-blog.

On it, she shares unique and interesting visions of the local area and life in general, tinged with an historical air. In addition to the photos Tanya lends a little story and often a piece of Virginia’s history to go along with appropriate pics. It would appear that history is another of Tanya’s loves, as she also maintains a family genealogy blog based on the Breese family name, along with a multitude of others that intersect with it (could it be that one of them is yours?)

Summing Up Around Roanoke – A Daily Photo

Around Roanoke is another blog that lends the opportunity to see a place through a local’s eyes. Come and enjoy the sites, and sit down for a story and a bit of history. Who knows what you might see or learn?

Go here to check out Around Roanoke.

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