Due Recognition For Crime & Victims

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Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime

No one would argue that there is any shortage of crime in the world, and given the choice most of us would rather turn the other way and not think about it. Blogger Bonnie Prisbey is doing nothing of the sort, though—she is shining the light on criminals, crime, and victims of crime to make perpetrating such offenses all the more difficult.

Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime – Why You Should Go

Although pretending crime doesn’t happen seems the much more comfortable choice, pushing aside crime and criminals simply makes it that much easier for criminals to get away with it. Blogger Bonnie, however, is doing her best to make sure that doesn’t happen. She is using her “life of crime” blog to spotlight criminals and to expand exposure for those who need her help the most—missing persons and victims of violent crimes. The blog regularly features stories and commentary, as well as articles and advice for keeping you and yours safe. It also ‘hosts’ bios and inmate information, stories of crime, and missing persons information in an effort to get the word out.

Summing Up Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime

Bonnie’s Blog of Crime serves an important function, albeit one that we’d all prefer were unnecessary. Nevertheless, crime is not going away any time soon and so it is important to have bloggers like Bonnie out there looking out for our best interests and keeping the public informed.

Go here to check out Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime.

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2 Responses to “Due Recognition For Crime & Victims”

  1. Messina Craig Says:

    I absolutely love Bonnie’s Blog of Crime!! I am completely entranced everyorning when I check out all the updates. A lot of these stories wouldbe forgotten if it wasn’t for Bonnie. Thanks Bonnie and you wrote her a great review!! Messina Craig Fort Knox, KY

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You said it, Messina! It can’t be the most fun blog to produce, but it certainly is important and I’m glad she does! All the families of the victims are grateful too, I’m sure.

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