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Egypt Then And Now

Egypt and the Egyptians are a fascinating subject. It seems the world can never get enough of one of its oldest and most accomplished civilizations. Nor can Ben Morales, the writer behind this blog.

Egypt Then And Now – Why You Should Go

Officially, this blog is described as

“The official blog of all-about-egypt.com with current information on modern Egypt and Egyptology news including discoveries, films, documentaries, publications, exhibitions and travel updates.”

That description defines it quite nicely, too. Ben shares an obvious appreciation for the nation and its rich history, as well as its modern culture and attractions. The blog is packed with information for both the world traveler and the at-home enthusiast interested in learning more, one post at a time. Pages on the blog include Modern Egypt, Ancient Egypt, and an Egypt travel FAQ.

Summing Up Egypt Then And Now

Egypt Then and Now is a definite blog destination for anyone who has any interest in history and Egyptian culture. Come explore the marvels of a wondrous nation and a wondrous culture past, present, and future.

Go here to check out Egypt Then And Now.

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