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The Boomer Chronicles

Rhea is a middle-aged blogger who uses lots of adjectives and identities to describe herself. When one of those identities was called into question (namely the one that formerly did NOT have a driving interest in RV’s), she began her research into “Youthiness Studies”…”otherwise known as The Boomer Chronicles, a blog for baby boomers and others.”

The Boomer Chronicles – Why You Should Go

The Boomer Chronicles takes up the many quandaries surrounding middle age and mid-life crises, as well as the general sense of “ennui” affecting Americans today (presumably not limited to middle aged Americans); wearing her politics proudly on her sleeve, Rhea offers up posts on a wide array of subjects, some practical, some poignant, and some contemplative and observational.

Summing Up Boomer Chronicles

Rhea admits to an interest in wide-ranging topics, most of which seem to end up on her blog. It’s hard to know what Rhea will be discussing on any given day, but you won’t be disappointed to stop in and consider her posts and her views as Rhea proves that boomers have blogging voices, too.

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