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Baby Blog Addict

The first step in dealing with an addiction is in admitting you have a ‘problem’; the second is in feeding that addiction—at least if it is one as harmless and potentially beneficial as an addiction to baby blogs.

Baby Blog Addict – Why You Should Go

It seems there comes a time in every parent-to-be or new parent’s new life when baby blog addiction is almost a guaranteed thing. It’s something akin to the addiction of buying every pregnancy and baby book or magazine you can get your hands on. Only better. Baby blog addictions allow you to connect with real, live people and learn and talk and gain the support of a community of people who understand exactly what you are going through, and have a similar affinity for helping one another through this wonderful, yet stressful, phase of life.

All of this is just what the Baby Blog Addict blog was created for. Growing out of their own addiction to parenting and baby blogs, Scott and Jennifer decided to join in the fun and create a community of their own. The result is this very successful and informative blog about all things baby. You’ll find links and information for absolutely everything here with topics ranging from managing the work/family life balance to Jennifer’s personal pregnancy journal, to choosing the cutest layette ever, Dad’s diary and father’s issues, and then well beyond into the triumphs and trials of parenthood—all of that, and great giveaways, too!

Summing Up Baby Blog Addict

If you’re a baby blog addict, you’ll love this site where you can admit it loudly and proudly. If you’re not an addict yet, come along for some top information and resources from this blog, and you soon will be. Either way, this is the place for parents-to-be, young parents, and baby addicts in general to fill the void.

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