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Ability Focus

Ability Focus comes to us from Sky, whom we’ve reviewed before for her work on the Everyday Heroes blog. Ability Focus is another of her works, one dedicated to opening people’s minds to the potential and capabilities of people with mental disabilities, be they the result of mental retardation, brain injury, or mental illness.

Ability Focus – Why You Should Go

Sky writes Ability Focus with care and attention, showing that the key to helping people with disabilities is to work within their capabilities, and not focusing on their abilities. Sky speaks with authority on the subject as one who has worked for nearly 12 years with the population as a direct care provider for the mentally disabled.

In explaining the intent of her blog, Sky says that her goal for the blog is to most specifically be a resource for the people who work with people with disabilities, to offer them a more effective and meaningful experience. She cites her experiences as her resource; “Along the way I have had the privilege of learning how to better relate to folks with and without ‘disabilities’. On this blog I intend to share some tips and tricks of people working in this field to help enhance the quality of life of persons with ‘mental disabilities’.”

While her intent may be more care-focused, there is much for everyone to learn from Sky, as her posts regarding effective communication, appreciation, and management are applicable many times over to life relationships. The blog is also a great way for people to learn more about the population at large, and to gain a higher level of understanding and appreciation of people with mental disabilities.

Summing Up Ability Focus

Sky’s still young blog shows a lot of promise, and proves to be a very good potential resource for people working closely with people with mental disabilities. Sky has many years of experience and appreciation of the gifts working with this population brings, a true wealth of information to draw from for her blog.

Go here to check out Ability Focus.

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