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Laid Off Dad

The Laid of Dad blog started, predictably enough, when “LOD” had the misfortune (or was it?) to be laid off. That was back in 2003 when his son was just a toddler. To help fill hours of “stress-induced insomnia,” LOD began this blog; one which has become a constant in his life ever since, even as the rest of it evolves around him.

Laid Off Dad – Why You Should Go

The obvious reason to go might be to connect with someone who has shared in a similar experience (if you are one who has found yourself in similar circumstances). Certainly the connection with an empathetic soul is a great benefit–and with archives dating back over six-years’ time, there is bound to be something you can identify with. However, you do not have to be a laid off father to appreciate this blog. The blog is really about much, much more than just finding a way a reconstruct life post-gainful employment. It is also about the experience of being male and being a primary caregiver, and about being a parent, reentering the working world, and dealing with personal life changes. More recently, much of the blog has come to be about becoming a single father to LOD’s two sons, and loving, living, and learning along that journey’s path.

Summing Up Laid Off Dad

Laid Off Dad is an ongoing experience in life. The blog is part vent, part realism, and part rolling with the punches—and a lot about enjoying the good things in life, too. Through it all, LOD maintains a sense of (somewhat sarcastic) humor and manages to maintain a blog about life that is as entertaining as it is real.

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