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The Creative Junkie

Just in time for some weekend amusement comes The Creative Junkie, Andrea ‘Andy’ Chamberlain’s personal blog dedicated to…whatever comes to Andrea’s mind. Most often that appears to be a spirited take on life in general as a mother of 2 and wife to an IT guy, interjected with bursts of creativity (which she hopes to feature in her blog’s gallery one day).

The Creative Junkie – Why You Should Go

The people who can attack life head-on and find humor in it seem to fair better than the rest. Perhaps that is why Andrea Chamberlain is able to come back smiling and laughing to recount the insults and injuries life has dealt her, while still remembering to celebrate what’s right with life. Or maybe it is just the passage of time, or the therapeutic nature that is blogging. Whatever it is that keeps Andy blogging, she does it with a flair for the funny and an unending wit and personality. Like Black Belt Scrapping’s Barb Hogan, it is this personality that makes it so much fun to read Andrea’s blog, and find a kindred spirit to commiserate and celebrate with.

Summing Up The Creative Junkie

It’s a bit of a toss-up trying to guess what will come up next on The Creative Junkie, but the trip to see what’s up is definitely worth the while. Andrea writes about everyday life with stories that are easy to relate to, without taking herself so seriously that she chances being tagged a complainer. Go here for a fun read, and maybe to remind yourself to lighten up on yourself.

Go here to check out The Creative Junkie.

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