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A Yoga Mama Is A Rama Mama

To understand the true meaning of this blog and its title, it helps to understand the meaning of the word “rama” in the title—that meaning being essentially, “joy.” In effect, this blog is about a ‘Mama’ who has found joy through her yoga practice…joy and inspiration that she hopes to share with her readers.

A Yoga Mama Is A Rama Mama – Why You Should Go

This yoga mama, Marjie Goodman,  is one who has found many benefits and comforts in the practice of yoga; a practice, as many practitioners and even a good number of non-practitioners know, is about more than fitness or exercise (even if that is your initial motivation), and is really about a whole life of balance and positivity. This is a lifestyle that has taken firm hold in the life of this blogger—a corporate “worker bee” by day, fulfilled yoga instructor by night, and full-time mother—throughout all aspects of her life.

The blog itself is obviously about yoga, the practice, related topics of interest, and about the many benefits of it, but it is also about that holistic part of the practice, and the peripheral benefits and inspirations like positivity, appreciation, and joy, and living a life of joy and contentment.

Summing Up A Yoga Mama Is A Rama Mama

A Yoga Mama Is A Rama Mama is a place to learn and to grow, to share your own love of yoga and experiences with it, to connect and share and be inspired. The peaceful yet down-to-earth nature of this blog is inviting and relaxing. All in all, this blog is an excellent place to come to add a little (or a lot) of centering, focus, and joy to your life.

Go here to check out A Yoga Mama Is A Rama Mama.

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    well, yoga is the best way to tone your body, to give energy to your body. to ge rid of all pressure. and most important its rick free and totally safe.

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