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Crime and Crooks Blog

Crime and Crooks Blog is maintained by a crime analyst (who remains nameless, presumably for reasons of self preservation) with 18 years of experience researching and analyzing criminals and the crimes they commit. The aim of the website is to educate the general public in the interest of helping people protect themselves.

Crime and Crooks – Why You Should Go

Crime and Crooks Blog wants to recruit you as part of a large information army of upstanding citizens standing up against crime. The logic behind the blog is simple‚Äîif you know how criminals and crooks work, you’ll know how to preempt their attempts and protect yourself and your property.

To the end of reader education our resident analyst offers posts which discuss different types of crime and the motivations and modes behind them. Top news and crime stories of the day are also talked about and analyzed from the perspective of an expert who knows. Collectively, these posts provide interesting insight and commentary, and, as promised, education that illuminates the many ways we can all take small steps to keep ourselves safe from those who would perpetrate against us.

Summing Up Crime and Crooks Blog

Crime and Crooks has both a personal and professional element to it. The writer has had close family members become the victims of violent crime, and shares first-hand the effect of crime on life after the fact. This, in conjunction with a career spent dealing with the dark side of society, serves as the inspiration for the blog. This blog is maintained with a purpose and a passion, to create a community of safe-keepers the world wide.

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3 Responses to “Protect Yourself At Crime And Crooks Blog”

  1. Cat Serpico Says:

    Hello Mary, I thank you so much for this glowing review! I’m quite flattered to be mentioned here and I have good hope for a few more visitors to discover my sight. Building my army of crime fighters has been very slow going but I’m not giving up! Even just a few readers who avoid becoming a crook’s target is worth every effort.

    I’m going to swallow my pride and Digg myself. Embarrassing, but anything to expose the crooks’ secrets! Thank you again, Cat

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Oh no please do not be embarrassed! You have a great site that deserves the Digg’s. All featured blogs here should have the confidence to Digg themselves! You’ve all earned it!

    You are very welcome for the review. I very much appreciated you site and your insight. Crime is scary and the more it grows the fewer self-protection options we have. Education is one of our best defenses! It takes people like you ‘in the know’ to bring that to us.

    Thanks for your public service!

  3. drerseRop Says:

    Excellent web pages Successes and prosperity to you!

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