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Shining History

Shining History chronicles the personal endeavor of one man to learn more about history: medieval Islamic history, to be exact. The author writes about Islamic culture from many years ago and posts interesting findings and articles on the site. He has researched everything from botany to mathematics as they existed during this period of history.

Shining History – Why You Should Go

This is an enjoyable read if you’re interested in this time period. The content appears to be well researched and it covers a wide range of topics. There is a section on medicine and hospitals of the time, on science, education and math. There’s even an area on women’s issues during the period.

Summing Up Shining History

A very well researched and interesting blog about Islamic history and culture. Most of the posts are fairly short, but yet provide interesting information about the history from this period of time. If you’re a history buff, or even interested in ancient math, science or medicine, you’ll find plenty of articles here to keep you entertained.

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