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Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty is a website dedicated to all things wedding. You’ll find great pictures from other weddings, as well as timely information on dresses, food and trends.

Style Me Pretty – Why You Should Go

This is a great resource if you’re planning a wedding. Unlike many other wedding resources, the pictures and suggestions at Style Me Pretty come in all styles, all tastes and all budgets. And, most of the pictures at Style Me Pretty come from real weddings, not from magazine photo shoots.

Summing Up Style Me Pretty

The perfect place to get ideas for your wedding. If you want to do a lot of the wedding projects yourself, this site will give you lots of inspiration from other weddings and lots of practical advice. There are so many wonderful ideas here, you’ll hardly know where to begin. In addition to the many pictures and articles about real weddings, this is also a great site for finding vendors.

Go here to check out Style Me Pretty.

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