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Subjectify is the blog outlet for blog creator Lexi to share her passion and opinions on modern portraiture. Unlike most photography blogs, however, Lexi comes to her reviews with a unique perspective, taking the subject of the portrait as her target for analysis, and focusing less on the portrait itself.

Subjectify – Why You Should Go

Lexi describes Subjectify as

“a photography blog, where the “subject” in contemporary fine art portraiture is discussed, represented, gazed upon, thought about, linked to, photographed, questioned, personified, objectified, idealized, commented on, rephotographed, interacted with, gallerized, imagined, pygmalionized, storied, stripped, redrawn, blinked at, analyzed, admired, stumbled upon, half-perceived, retreated from, disdained, recreated, considered, etc., from a subject-oriented position. Maybe”

The blog really is all of this. Lexi takes what can arguably be considered the most important aspect of any photo or portrait and discusses at length with an intelligence and knowledgeable experience. It’s clear that Lexi knows quite a lot about the subject of modern photography and portraiture, as well as the history of the media and its field. Although Lexi does accept submissions for review, all subjects are treated equally and given unbiased, thoughtful consideration which comes through in Lexi’s posts.

Summing Up This Subjectify

For the knowledgeable photography student or enthusiast, Subjectify offers a fresh base for discussion and shared interests. For the less studied, it offers a place to come and explore the world of modern portraiture and learn more about modern photography and perspective. This is a blog that offers “something for everyone,” so regardless of your personal experience with photography, stop in and enjoy this fresh perspective.

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