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5 Minutes For Special Needs

Those of us who are not intimately dealing with special needs on a daily basis probably can never really understand all of what life with children with special needs implies. That is the express domain of parents and families with special needs. However, through their first-hand experiences and heart-felt sharing we can get an idea of what that life is like, and come to a higher level of understanding and enlightenment.

5 Minutes For Special Needs – Why You Should Go

5 Minutes for Special Needs is a blog maintained by a team of parents and professionals with first-hand experience with special needs. Their goal in contributing to this blog is to increase understanding of special needs in order to help others understand them better, and in an effort to build a community of support and learning for others in similar circumstances. The experiences of these contributors varies greatly, as there are a great many primary diagnoses involved, and a much longer list of secondary diagnoses and conditions. All in all, theirs is a deep well of life experience and knowledge with much to offer.

Summing Up 5 Minutes for Special Needs

The authors of this blog have built an excellent resource for parents, educators, and the public at large. They do not ask for your sympathy, they ask only that you open your mind and allow them this chance to offer you support, insight, and inspiration, as your need may be. This blog is very much about celebrating life in all its diversity, and helping others to do the same. Take 5 Minutes out of your day to increase your understanding and knowledge of the real meaning of life with special needs.

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