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A Child Chosen

A Child Chosen started as the chronicles of Marcie Pickelsimer as she welcomed her second adopted child into her family. Marcie already maintained two other blogs of a more personal nature, but also wanted a blog that was wider in scope and more useful to parents everywhere. As the parent of children affected by Autism, and an adoptive parent, Marcie has a great wealth of information to offer on a diverse array of topics; these she combines for the insight and education of parents and interested readers on her blog, A Child Chosen.

A Child Chosen – Why You Should Go

At first glance Marcie Pickelsimer’s blog is appealing for the insight offered into the world of adoptive parenting and autism. Those whose lives these issues have impacted will certainly be in need of a reliable first-hand resource such as Marcie’s. Those who are not will welcome the opportunity to see inside the lives of families who are impacted by them. On these issues (and also on the related issue of sensory integration) Marcie tirelessly researches and writes and has built a large resource of information through her blog.

A closer look reveals a lot more that Marcie’s blog has to offer. In addition to the invaluable information resource that she is, Marcie also offers up news and commentary on issues important to parents and caregivers, and fun projects and past times that any family can share together.

Summing Up A Child Chosen

A Child Chosen is a special place because it is a place where the warmth and dedication of a great parent shines through. The uniqueness of Marcie Pickelsimer’s life is almost forgotten, but only because Marcie chooses to take the best possible attitude toward her life and its unique challenges. There is no pity here for Marcie, only possibility and appreciation of a fulfilling life. That attitude is what is most pervasive in her blog, and the best reason to join her.

Go here to check out A Child Chosen.

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6 Responses to “The Specialness Of A Child Chosen”

  1. pickel Says:

    Wow. Thanks for the blog review. I will have to add it to my portfolio.

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You are most welcome. Thanks for a great resource! I have friends who are just now experiencing sensory integration with their son who was born very prematurely (he’s 4 now). I’ll be passing on your link to them!

    Thanks again.

  3. Thrifty Karen Says:

    Hooray for Marcie!!!! I found this by Stumble Upon.

  4. Mary Ward Says:

    Glad you stopped by to check it out! Thanks a lot. I’m sure Marcie appreciates your support, too (if you care to ‘Digg It’ with the button above, she’ll appreciate that added exposrue, too!).

    Thanks for stopping by Thrifty!

  5. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    Nice review, Mary. And a very nice blog with a great name!

  6. Mary Ward Says:

    Thanks, Sean. I know what you mean–just the idea of it gets me thinking about how special those little onces can be.

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