What Are Those Animals Thinking?

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What Animals Think

If you are a pet or animal owner, there is no doubt that you can relate to those often uncanny human-like emotions. Of course, that’s an entirely ego-centric view of the situation, which is sort of the point at this blog. Animals have thoughts and emotions, too, we just tend as humans to think superiorly of ourselves and think of them in human terms.

What Animals Think – Why You Should Go

This blog is a celebration of animals, pets, and wildlife. It is an attempt to get into the minds of animals through observation, anecdotes, news, stories, video and more. Basically it’s a celebration of animals and a reminder that we’re not the only ones populating this planet, and to appreciate them more by realizing that they are their own independent beings that complement our lives just by living theirs. As author Tova Galnur explains is,

“The purpose of this site is to educate and raise awareness about animals. After all, they are God’s creation too.

The focus is on emotions they display towards each other and us. Through entertaining stories, clips, and observation, we get a glimpse into their world.”

Summing Up What Animals Think

If I’m making this blog sound too heavy for what it is, that is not the intention. This is a fun and interesting blog celebrating animals and pets that any animal appreciator will enjoy—and no doubt relate to! Come here to have a few laughs and see some entertaining and amazing animal clips and stories.

Go here to check out What Animals Think.

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