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The tag line at Writerquake reads “now the words are tumbling.” That leads you to believe that there was a time when the words just were not there. Sure enough, a glance back to Lydia’s original post confirms that this blog was started as a sort of therapeutic writing exercise at “Sending my thoughts out into word space…my last idea, really, to free myself to write.” Back in February she said she hoped it worked. Apparently it did, and the words are still tumbling for all to enjoy.

Writerquake – Why You Should Go

The content at Writerquake is a bit diverse. There are human interest posts, personal posts, historically motivated posts, and posts of a more general nature. But all the posts here are written thoughtfully, inviting you to join Lydia as she works out all the very big deals that have shaped her life and brought her, and us, to this spot today.

Summing Up Writerquake

Lydia is a writer not unlike others we’ve profiled here who has used her blog in part to work out the path that has been her life. It seems that as she’s travelled that path she’s become a passionate and well-rounded being, and her blog is her contribution to the species, encouraging others to share that care and passion.

Go here to check out Writerquake.

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7 Responses to “Words Are Tumbling At Writerquake”

  1. Lydia Says:

    Note to Mary Ward,

    Wow! I just found your review of my blog. Still fairly new to blogging, discovering your impressions of Writerquake was an absolute thrill for me. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and write about it here on Do You Digg It!
    Now you are one of my big deals, absolutely.

    Kind regards,

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    And proud of it! You’re welcome for the reading and the reviewing; thanks for giving us a blog worthwhile!

  3. Lydia Says:

    My blog post for Aug. 26 is about your review, Mary.
    I’m enjoying visiting some of the other blogs you reviewed recently. Thanks for the great tour!

  4. Wayfaring Wanderer Says:

    I always find Lydia’s posts inspiring, as well as, thought provoking. She has become one of my most favorite bloggers, thank you for giving her the recognition she deserves :)

  5. Mary Ward Says:

    That’s wonderful, Lydia, thank you! I’ll be by to have a look.

    Wayfaring, you’re welcome.

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