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What I See Out My Window

The name of the blog almost says it all. What I See Out My Window is the blog space that Anthony has created for people to share their views of the world. It is what Anthony sees out his Canton, Ohio, USA window, and what his readers and contributors see from windows all around the globe.

What I See Out My Window – Why You Should Go

Anthony’s blog is a very original type of photoblog. Anthony has set a stage where people can share a part of their lives. That part may be one you take for granted more often than not, but also one that in its simplicity communicates a lot about who you are and where you are from. This simple, unique blogging concept helps us all gain a better view of life all over the world, sharing and admiring the places we call home.

Anthony’s blog has but a few rules. Anyone can contribute a photo from their home or office or vacation window (but not a vehicle window). To have your photo posted, simply use the contact information on the blog and submit your photo with a few lines of explanation to Anthony, and he’ll take it from there. You may even find yourself coming up a winner in a monthly poll.

Summing Up What I See Out My Window

Anthony’s blog concept is simple, original, and ingenious. With an open forum and a few snapshots, Anthony is helping people experience life through the eyes of others, and opening up vistas of the small and intimate places of the world.

Go here to check out What I See Out My Window.

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