Getting To Know The Faces Of Autism

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Faces of Autism

When you put a face on a condition, it has a way of becoming not only more real, but more understandable as well. That seems to be the foundation of Cadok’s blog, Faces of Autism. She is raising awareness of Autism and Spectrum Disorders by putting real, live, faces in action to the condition for all the world to see.

Faces of Autism – Why You Should Go

Casdok is a UK mother of a 20 year old son with autism, who is also non-verbal. Her contribution to Autism Awareness is her blog, which is a collection of photos and artwork from autistic children and adults around the world, each accompanied by a short description of the subject and his or her likes, interests, abilities, and talents.

Casdok‘s simple blog premise is a highly effective one. These photos and few short worlds tell worlds about the people living with autism and all that they can do. As an outsider many of these faces an abilities might surprise you…the face of autism is not always what you expect it to be; but then, that is the point of the blog, to better educate the rest of us to the realities of autism.

Summing Up Faces of Autism

Casdok has developed a very simple and highly effective way to put a real face on autism (many, actually!). This is a blog that deserves a much wider audience than just those living within the autism community. The real gift of this blog is the potential to educate the rest of us, and so it is us who needs it more than the proud and laudable contributors. Stop by this blog and see for yourself how different autism can look.

Go here to check out Faces of Autism.

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