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Idealawg is a blog about all things legal, written by an attorney, Stephanie West Allen, who now practices consulting and teaches classes on the law. The blog is good for anyone who is interested in keeping up with the goings on in the legal community or who is interested in learning more about law in general or legal business issues.

Idealawg – Why You Should Go

This blog is very well organized by category, making it a great resource if you have a particular legal question or are interested in a particular area of the law or business practices under the law. The categories listed are very wide ranging, and you’ll find a number of articles in each category. In addition, there are book reviews, and even information regarding classes in law school.

Summing Up Idealawg

Idealawg is a great website to learn about the law and about current issues in the legal profession. Great for law students. Also a good website to learn about keeping your business within the law and about client relations.

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