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The Policeman’s Blog

People have all manner of opinions regarding the police and their work; many of these will depend on which side of the law you find yourself on, or your exposure to them. There will always be those who disdain anyone related to “coppers” (as the author affectionately refers to himself), and those with nothing but the utmost respect for law enforcement. And then there are those who maintain an ounce of fear related to the power the police wield, despite their respect for them. Before you make your conclusions, though, it might help to get to know a bit about the real life of the police on the streets.

The Policeman’s Blog – Why You Should Go

A very simple reason to go is that this blog provides a look into the field of police work in a way no assumption could do justice. The blog offers a unique look into the life of real, live police officers in the UK and Canada. It also shares insights from around the world as the author frequently imparts interesting tidbits and comparisons with his colleagues.

Adding a healthy dose of entertainment to the mix, the blog is written with humor and some [understandable] cynicism, as witnessed in the introduction to the blog.

“A Journey into the mad, mad world of the British underclass and the public sector, where nothing is too insane for it to be written down and copied in triplicate. VIEWS EXPRESSED PROBABLY DON’T REFLECT OFFICIAL POLICY. “This blog will do more to put people off calling the police than anything, other than actually calling the police” (PC David Copperfield.) This blog is written by and accepts submissions from serving and former police officers and concerned MOPs.”

Summing Up The Policeman’s Blog

The Policeman’s Blog is a rare opportunity to see life through the eyes of the men and women on the streets. Love them or hate them, law enforcement serves a very high function in all of our societies, and they deserve to at least have their voices heard, or read.

Go here to check out The Policeman’s Blog.

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