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The Life Of A Veterinarian

The Life of a Veterinarian is not something a lot of us pay regular attention to, even though many of us are pet lovers and/or owners; and these are the people we go to when we need either medical assistance, preventative medicine, or plain old pet advice. With this blog, we are gifted with an uncommon look into the life and mind of a veterinarian.

The Life Of A Veterinarian – Why You Should Go

The title of the blog may make it sound like a day to day account of life in the vet’s office, of which some posts are. This blog has loads more to offer, though. Veterinarian Dr. Chris Bern maintains the blog, where he talks on a full range of animal-related topics, offers tips and advice, and accepts reader questions for Q&A (with a reasonable disclaimer, of course). He also tackles issues of controversy head-on, having recently dedicated a full week to controversies and misconceptions in the animal world. All of this he does in an approachable, down-to-earth manner, hitting just the right balance of common sense and care.

Summing Up The Life Of A Veterinarian

The Life of a Veterinarian is a blog that any animal owner will enjoy. This is a place to learn more about life with pets and to get answers to your questions and concerns. It’s like having your vet on-call 24 hours a day, only he thinks to advise you on topics you haven’t even thought of yet.

Go here to check out The Life of a Veterinarian.

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