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Flight Level 390

Airline travel is something taken entirely for granted by the common traveler. But there must be another side to the story—the side of those upfront who make it all possible. Surely there is, as Dave‘s Flight Level 390 blog clearly shows.

Flight Level 390 – Why You Should Go

If you’ve ever wondered about the life and times of the average airline pilot, this blog is your place to find out. Dave, an experienced airline pilot, blogs about his travels “through time and space” and his life as an airline pilot. It’s a unique look at this job from all perspectives, personal and professional. Dave takes you “inside the cockpit” with him, detailing his flights and experiences with amazing, eye-opening accounts.

Summing Up Flight Level 390

Flight Level 390 is an opportunity to live vicariously and to gain a higher respect for those who fly us ’round the globe on an hourly basis. Take advantage of this unique look inside to see what life is like at the helm.

Go here to check out Flight Level 390.

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