An Actual Look At Marriage In Real Life

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Marriage Actually

Marriage Actually is the concerted effort of a real live married couple, Marc and Marye Audet. Marc and Marye are an average American couple raising children, maintaining a family, and constructing the perfect marriage…or not.

Marriage Actually – Why You Should Go

Marc and Marye hold no illusions of marital perfection—why hold yourself to an impossible standard? Better to hold yourself to an achievable standard of reality and happiness and work through the rest. That is just what the two have done and continue to do. They write their real-life marriage blog with no holds-barred, sharing their joys and triumphs, struggles and strifes with the best of intentions.

Perhaps Marye said it best: “One of the things that Marc and I agreed to when we took on this blog is that we would blog about anything and everything AND we would be transparent and real. After all, there is nothing helpful about a perfect marriage. We all need to look at marriages that aren’t perfect and work anyway!”

Summing Up Marriage Actually

Marriage Actually is a testament to the institution of marriage, in all its gore and glory. Marc and Marye are courageously open and honest, working hard to make theirs a blog that others can learn from, share in, and relate to. Visit Marriage Actually for a glimpse of what married life is all about, and maybe pick up some tips to improve your own personal relationships.

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4 Responses to “An Actual Look At Marriage In Real Life”

  1. marye Says:

    Wow, Mary, thank you so much. we try….
    Hey, love your name by the way… :)

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You’re very welcome. I really enjoyed your real-life picture of marriage!

    ..and thanks…ditto!

  3. Willett From warrington Says:

    Is this the marye that when we were kids we baked a cake for your mother, went camping, hid in a outhouse , ( sign on door told us to if there was a nucular explosion,) Is this the marye who ask me to go swimming and I brought the other seven, never gave back your charlie and the chocolet factory book, and whos damn dog used to to bite my shoes, if so get back to me… Im Chris FROM WARRINGTON…. [edited out numbers for privacy]

  4. marye Says:

    Hey, Chris..we all ready got in contact..
    just wanted to say 2 things. NEVER publuish you phone
    online…and (2) NEVER tell anyone else about us getting locked in that outhouse.

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