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Positive Communication

Positive Communication‚Äîsounds like something the world needs more of, doesn’t it? Without argument we all get enough of the negativity that’s out there, and after a time it begins to infect one of our most cherished and basic abilities‚Äîcommunication.

Similar to Proof Positivity, Positive Communication is a blog that highlights the best of the world’s news and actions. As the author, Ellen Janssens, describes it, “This blog is a Tribute to the Positive News. To Positive Action, People and Possibilities that Make a Difference. To social campaigns that use Positive Communication, focusing on what people can do.”

Positive Communication – Why You Should Go

The news highlights that Ellen offers are uplifting, but the author goes much further than the news feeds. Each post is accompanied by a thoughtful summary and discussion.

But not all posts here are news links; far from it. There are also posts of inspiration quoting and discussing many of the greatest and most inspiring authors, poets, and musicians. In addition, the blog is filled with inspirational quotes and snippets to keep you going in the positive way.

Summing Up Positive Communication

Ellen Janssens has identified a true need of the world’s societies‚Äîto remember our wealth as people and as a larger society, and to value all that is good in life‚Äîand support it. Her blog is one to stop through for daily inspiration, a place to relax and appreciate each and every day, if only for a few minutes. Go here when you are in need of some positive vibes (and as Ellen says‚Äî”well, who doesn’t??)

Go here to check out Positive Communication.

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4 Responses to “A Boost For Positive Living”

  1. Ellen Says:

    Wow Mary, thanks so much for your beautiful words..It’s feedback like this that really makes my day!
    Thank you,


  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Glad to help! It’s positive thinkers (and doers) like you that make mine a little brighter!

    Now give yourself a well-deserved boost with that Digg button up there!

  3. Lynda Lehmann Says:

    I’m familiar with Ellen’s blog, and I agree with you! Thank you for acknowledging Ellen’s positive and inspiring work!

  4. Stephen Says:

    I love Ellen’s blog. Any news on whether she’ll be posting new content again? The world really needs more positive blogs, attitudes, and intentions.

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