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If it seems to you the world could be better if people would just start taking some responsibility for their own lives and actions, that a little personal accountability could go a long way, then you have something in common with Wolf K., originator of Accountability Corner. He’s constructed his blog as “a collection of thoughts, ideas and actions either demonstrating accountability or decrying the lack thereof.” And he’s invited us all to look inside and outside of ourselves, and see what a difference personal accountability can make.

Accountability Corner – Why You Should Go

Accountability comes and goes in many forms; some people are cognizant of it and the need for more of it and some are foreigners to the term, and to the implications of increased societal accountability. Wolf K. believes in the power of personal accountability, enough to have created a blog and a website dedicated to remediating society through networks and connections and personal responsibility.

Wolf’s well intentioned blog is a collection, as he says, of thoughts and ideas, topics and hobbies of interest to Wolf. It includes monthly spotlights of deserving blogs and bloggers; it also includes an Honor Wall where readers can add the names and faces of U.S. soldiers and soldiers from other countries who have given or are giving of themselves, protecting the right of us all to live to be accountable another day.

Summing Up Accountability Corner

Wolf’s rules and values for life and his blog are simple and effective. There is a “do unto others” atmosphere that more than anything gets you thinking about your own personal accountability, and about how life could be better if we were all to step up and take responsibility for ourselves; if more people could put their core values out there and expose themselves to the world as Wolf K. does, in a way that clearly resounds with a level of individual responsibility, society as a whole could find a new level of confidence, security, hope, and enthusiasm. His is still a young blog but a premise with promise, and we hope to see more good things to come as Accountability Corner continues to develop and grow.

Go here to check out Accountability Corner.

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3 Responses to “Can Accountability Corner Get Society Back On Track?”

  1. Kobra Says:

    I’m definitely checking it out. :D

  2. Wolf Says:

    Thanks for the awesome review Mary. I appreciate your understanding of the content and my perspective.

  3. Mary Ward Says:

    You’re welcome, Wolf; I’m glad I got the right of it! Your perspective is something I can definitely relate to. I was glad to see a blog dedicated to it!

    @Kobra–definitely do! Thanks for stopping by.

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