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Somehow being a strong person, particularly if you are a woman, has gotten a bad rap over the decades (centuries, millennia?). Not so anymore. Maryann Reid is going where few dare to tread—drawing out strong people and especially strong women, helping them to embrace that strength and capitalize it, and boldly saying that it’s okay to be a strong, independent person.

Alphanista – Why You Should Go

Alphanista is everything that I’ve just described above. It is a blog primarily focused on women and helping them achieve better life change by embracing the bold gifts that they’ve been given—or even developing the meek in the interest of self improvement and advancement. Is it an all-men barred, women’s lib type blog? No. Alphanistas have nothing against men, but they have everything for any person bettering themselves and making it in this life in confident and inspiring ways.

As Maryann says, the blog brings out the topics that no others dare to discuss.

“Alphanista™ focuses on provocative content that you won’t normally find on other blogs. Known as someone whose opinion differs from the masses, I wanted a site where people can come to and breathe. Understand that they are not alone, that it is okay not to be perfect, or follow a set of etiquette rules for achieving success. Topics covered include dating, relationships, sex, careers, food, news, and any little thing that can spark new thought or perspective. So many times, what we read is about how to be perfect, how to change ourselves, when in reality life will always be a continuous process of change. It won’t ever stop. You can come here for fresh ideas on how to keep moving your life forward from where you are right now by focusing on the “alpha” or stronger self inside you.”

Summing Up Alphanista

It stands to reason that this blog should target and support women, considering that historically being an “alpha” female has been much disdained; but Maryann’s topics are enlightening for all manner of people, personalities, and confidence types. In fact, she even has a post to help you determine if Alphanista is the right place for you. Regardless of who you are, there is no doubt that you will find inspiration and confidence in this blog.

Go here to check out Alphanista.

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