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Personal Development Blog

John Lazy enters our Digg It ranks as our first Filipino blogger with his Personal Development Blog. As the name suggests, John’s blog is focused on helping you better yourself and find success in life, in whatever it is you choose to do.

Personal Development Blog – Why You Should Go

John Lazy‘s goal is to spread productivity throughout the world. He focuses strongly on the issue of procrastination, and how you can focus on changing your mindset to turn that procrastination into something productive and rewarding. But it is the way that he chooses to go about it that lends even more interest to his blog. John does not simply reiterate the best laid words of successful men and women, he also uses profiles and lessons of a diversity of people who have overcome and achieved great success through similar means. John also shows courage in making an example of himself as he works through the personal hurdles that he is overcoming as he increases his personal productivity.

Some of the topics and categories he addresses include

• Challenging yourself
• Consciousness and awareness
• Fame and famous people
• Feelings
• Friendship
• Love and happiness
• Self improvement
• Wealth and money

Summing Up Personal Development Blog

John Lazy shows a generosity of spirit in his blog, one that is mirrored by his many appreciative friends and readers. His is a unique voice of inspiration, diligently working to help others make the most of themselves and their lives that they can.

Go here to check out Personal Development Blog.

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