How Is Your Resolve?

Speaking of New Year’s goals and resolutions, why not share a little of our own success (or not) here?

How Is Your New Year’s Resolve?

I have to say that New Year’s resolutions have never really stuck with me.  So there is no judgment here if you don’t have stellar results to report.  We hope you do, because we’re really all about success around here, but we understand how these things happen, too.

Personally, I kind of gave up on the whole resolution-setting deal, and opted to follow Christine Kane‘s lead and choose a word for the year rather than to commit to a bunch of overwhelming goals that I couldn’t even remember, much less follow through on.  The word I chose was “prosperity” because I felt that it represented the kind of lifestyle I’d hope to achieve.  I don’t mean just financial prosperity, either, this includes prosperity in all aspects of my life; in business, but also in family and spirit and more.  To help me remember I purchased one of those inspirational word stones carved with the word “prosperity” in gold.  I consider it my touchstone and keep it on my desk to keep me motivated when I’d rather not be.

So far I think it’s working, although there is a long way to go.  Quite likely I won’t even accomplish it all this year, but that’s okay.  As long as I’m progressing I consider myself a success.

As for our Digg It creator, Sean Rasmussen, well, he’s always a master goal-setter.  I seem to recall his goals being to focus more on new aspects of his internet marketing business, and to devote more time to the most interesting and promising projects.  His joint ventures with Shaun Stenning attest to the success of this goal.  The two of them are all over Australia and beyond presenting winning internet marketing seminars and bringing up a whole league of successful internet marketers.  That sounds like an accomplished goal!

Never Too Late

No matter where you are with your New Year’s Resolutiuons (or maybe you never set one, either), just rememebr that goal-setting and success is not limited to that one time of year.  It’s always a great time to resolve to live better.  Don’t get hung up on the calendar, just take the initiative and enjoy the excitement of new goals and new opportunity!

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