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Benny Greenberg, owner and author of Ya-ttitude.com, had one wish for his blog‚Äîfor it to be “an informal approach to positive attitude”. That is precisely what he’s achieved at Ya-ttitude. This blog is a place to go to lift your spirit and learn bit by bit how to live better and apply your positivity to success in both your work and personal life. And with Benny’s spirit and enthusiasm (something Benny’s really big on) to guide you, it’s easy to do.

Ya-ttitude – Why You Should Go

We all need more positivity in our lives. Most of us know that, but few of us are able to achieve it all on our own. In order to live in a continuous spirit of positivity it’s important to have tools and reminders. That is the purpose that blogs like Ya-ttitude serve; they work as a daily dose of inspiration to help us live in the now, with an attitude of possibility and success.

Ya-ttitude does that, and it also goes a step further. Benny Greenberg gives us our daily dose of insight, and he also marries it to real-life experiences. He shows us how to fight the fears and roadblocks of life, so that we can succeed in the face of all types of adversity and morale-busters. He does this in very practical and comprehendable ways, maximizing the impact of each and every message he delivers.

Summing Up Ya-ttitude

At Ya-ttitude, native New Yorker Benny Greenberg really is “defining attitude for the 21st Century”. Benny injects personality and humor into each post, and works to help the global community cure more of the ills that infect our attitudes in this modern age. Join Benny and his cyber-friends as we all work to combat our fears and criticisms, hurdles and hang-ups.

Go here to check out Ya-ttitude.

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29 Responses to “Informally Approaching Positivity: Ya-ttitude.com”

  1. Dr. KC Says:

    I could not be more proud of this website and this author. Benny constantly writes amazing articles and gives great suggestions for living a happy and healthy life by using very simple and practical strategies!

    Doc KC

  2. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    Hi Dr. KC
    It’s a great blog that deserves attention. Mary has done a great job reviewing Benny Greenbergs’s site :)

  3. Chris Says:

    Nice write up and a blog that deserves it

  4. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    Thanks Chris
    I agree. There will be plenty more to come now that Mary is helping DoYouDiggIt! with the reviews.

  5. Benny Greenberg Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is a great onor to be reviewed and announced here on doyoudiggit.com !!!

  6. Benny Greenberg Says:

    tried to shoot you an email – returned – so – go here and look! Thanks!


  7. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    You’re welcome Benny! I’ll let Mary know so she can get in here and lap up the accolades ;)

  8. Dr. Rob Says:

    Nice Review. I’m already a fan of Ya-ttitude. Now I can add Doyoudiggit to my list of new faves. Well done!

  9. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    Thanks Dr Rob!
    We are starting to find a lot of great blogs out there to review. Commenting in here even makes us discover more blogs as well ;)

  10. dydi Says:

    Wow guys. So glad this review was a hit!

    @Benny, it sure makes it easier to write favorable reviews when we have such appreciative (and appreciated) review subjects!

    Thanks to everyone who offered props (and Sean too for the credit), although methinks a good dose of credit has to go back to Benny for creating such a great blog!

    @All, as Sean said, keep the comments coming! I’m always working on my next list of blogs deserving of review, and there’s no telling who might crop up on it :)

  11. Susie Says:

    I just recently ran across Ya-ttitude and love it! I found Benny on Blog Catalog and what an inspiration his blog is. Keeping focused on positive attitude and energy is an ongoing task, and we get so wrapped up in the day to day, we can actually drown in the emotions that are not important.

    Benny’s blog is a complete reinforcement of that, your review was very well stated, and I couldn’t agree more!

  12. pamelabaker Says:

    Great post I could not agree with you more!

  13. Mary Ward Says:

    @Susie, Pamela

    I’m glad you girls are in agreement! I’m with you, Susie, I need someone like Benny in my life to remind me to stay positive.

  14. Benny Greenberg Says:

    Me too – who is this Benny guy and where do I meet him?

  15. Wolf Says:

    Benny is a peach. He’s always good for bringing people up and doing less about the depressive thoughts that are already so rampant in our society.

    Thanks for taking the time to give him some of your interest, and what a great post for a great guy.

  16. Lulubelle B Says:

    Benny’s blog is great…as are his comments on the Blog Catalog boards. A worthy write-up.

  17. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    I say: Benny for the White House! This Benny guy sounds popular. LOL
    Actually, we need the nice guys to stay in the blogs with the ‘Real People’. ;)
    Keep up the good work, Benny. Well deserved accolades from your fans.

  18. Benny Greenberg Says:

    I am actually putting together a coalition to get me to replace Dr. Phil :)

    So far so good!

  19. Mary Ward Says:

    Hmmm… but Sean might have something there. Washington could use some positivity (as could the rest of the US these days).

    Hey maybe we can get Ange in over here to pass out some of her free hugs! They seem to be doing the trick in Melbourne :)

    Dr Phil is getting a little full of himself. Could be you have something there, too, Benny! Have you tried placing a call to Oprah?

  20. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    Hi Mary
    Ange might be able to go to Washington and give out hugs. The big question is: Who would want to hug a politician? Seems like they are to busy with their Bilderberg meetings ;)

  21. Mary Ward Says:

    Well if anyone can stomach hugging a politician I bet it’s Ange!

  22. Benny Greenberg Says:

    Hugging a Politician…


    I can hug that…

    BTW: My Melbourne and Ange’s Melbourne are a world apart

  23. Benny Greenberg Says:


    The White House Push is On!

  24. Mary Ward Says:

    And to think I reviewed him before the country even knew his name :)

    Hey love that tattoo!

  25. Benny Greenberg Says:

    Those two are in charge of my new program that empowers the “older” crowd. Sock it to them Baby!

  26. timethief Says:

    Ben is adept at stripping away the myths we have between out ears that fill us with fear and prevent us from becoming the whole and successful people we can be. Reading his articles and exercises, and putting his knowledge and wisdom into practice brings forth remarkable results. Thanks so much for reviewing Y’attitude.

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