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Kitchen Table Medicine

Kitchen Table Medicine is the work of Dr. Nicole Sundene, a Naturopathic physician (yes, a real doctor giving out real advice!), and her team of colleagues and contributors which includes a naturopath, a personal trainer, a Doctor of Philosophy and Psychotherapist, and a “Happiness Expert” with a law degree from Yale. It’s an impressive mix of minds and a place where you can learn from real, credentialed experts to feed your mind, body, and spirit in ever-better and healthier ways.

Kitchen Table Medicine – Why You Should Go

Kitchen Table Medicine is a blog with the potential to help you live better in all aspects of life, including “tips for natural, healthy, organic, sustainable, good green living” and more. The primary contributor is the creator, Dr. Nicole Sundene, who posts on a regular basis and lends information and guidance to those looking to live and feel better, naturally. She is accompanied by her professional team of contributors who post on topics of self improvement, fitness, exercise, and other health-related topics for everything from managing depression to overcoming the fatigue of cancer treatments and natural detox diets.

What’s great about Kitchen Table Medicine is that it is not another health blog that doesn’t really give advice. This blog (which of course offers its own healthy dose of disclaimers and advisement for personal professional attention by qualified health professionals) details the foods, diets, practices, and products that you can use to live better. It raises all the issues related to living better, including knowing what to use, how to use it and when, and what to change psychologically to incorporate real, lasting, healthy change; and it offers a platform where people can ask and learn of qualified natural health professionals, and get real responses to questions (and participate in Dr. Nicole’s poll to tell her what you want her to write about).

Summing Up Kitchen Table Medicine

Kitchen Table Medicine is an easier way to learn about living better in sync with nature. It’s a way to become more familiar with natural living without being overwhelmed by all there is to learn. Dr. Nicole and company present the information in small, understandable, digestible pieces, and cover all the bases for successful healthy living. If you could benefit by learning to live better and more naturally, pay Dr. Nicole a blog-call.

Go check out Kitchen Table Medicine.

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3 Responses to “Live Healthy, Live Better With Dr. Nicole And Company”

  1. Dr. Nicole Sundene Says:

    Hi there! Thanks so much for the kind review of my brand new website! It has been a great deal of work to get started and it is nice to have a little bit of positive recognition. I promise that there are more good things to come here! Take good care!

    Dr. Nicole

  2. Ange Recchia Says:

    Great review Sean! I love Dr. Nicole’s site and think that she has plenty to offer in the way of alternatives to using drugs. She even offers a recipe for a delicious breakfast smoothie to get your day started right. Well worth the read!

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