Resolution Support For A Whole New Year

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New Year’s Resolution Blog

Yesterday we took a look at a blog that has found a successful and sustainable alternative to traditional New Year’s Resolutions. Today we look at a blog that takes a more communal approach to those traditional resolutions at the New Year’s Resolution Blog.

New Year’s Resolution Blog – Why You Should Go

The New Year’s Resolution Blog was started by an admitted resolution breaker (but who isn’t?), Tracy. Understanding what it is that makes resolutions so hard to keep, Tracy decided to start up a site and a blog dedicated to helping herself and her community succeed in their resolve to improve—together, with support, the way the most successful resolutions are said to succeed.

To this end, Tracy has built in many posts and tools to help you from start to finish. There are posts to help you decide on a resolution, jumpstart your resolution, and others for “after the fact” to help you track and follow your resolution through. As an added bonus, you can go public by posting your resolution and adding that extra level of accountability. Tracy has also built up a team of six other writers to help her, and you, along the way, with articles and posts to inspire and motivate, as well as stories of their own success.

Summing Up New Year’s Resolution Blog

Last year this blog saw a break in the action, but came back bigger and better, with a new design, features, and determination to build a successful community of resolution-makers. Tracy and her crew have a great thing going here, and your continued participation can only help to keep it moving. Check out the New Year’s Resolution Blog and ready yourself for an even more successful year ahead!

Go here to check out New Year’s Resolution Blog and Have a Happy New Year!

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4 Responses to “Resolution Support For A Whole New Year”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Hi Mary!
    Thanks for the write up! We’d love if your readers posted their new year’s resolutions with us… today is the day! There will be tons more advice and articles coming in the next weeks, and I’ll begin blogging about my success (and struggles!) keeping my own resolutions.

    Follow us on twitter: @newyearsdelilah

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    I hope you get many added resolutions! Best wishes for a Happy New Year! Can’t wait to see how the site progresses throughout the year.

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