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Rugby In Kenya

Rugby in Kenya…it’s a very simple concept for a blog, but one that is no doubt highly appreciated by Rugby fans in Kenya.

Rugby In Kenya – Why You Should Go

Rugby in Kenya is exactly what it sounds like it should be—a blog about the sport of Rugby in Kenya. The blog delivers news and notes, Rugby scores and highlights from the game, and also offers up meaningful commentary. As explained by the author, Rugby in Kenya is…

“Just a Web Log promoting discussion on Rugby in Kenya; where it was where it is, where it can get to and how it can get there.”

In addition to the sport, the author also takes the time to highlight some very important issues for Kenyans, such as the ongoing battle with the AIDS epidemic.

Summing Up Rugby In Kenya

If you’re a fan of Rugby, this is a site you’ll want to check out to keep up with the happenings in the Rugby world, and most particularly the world of Rugby in Kenya.

Go here to check out Rugby in Kenya.

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