Planet Twilo Honorary Citizenship Award


Legendary Cyberculture and Stumbleupon resident, Bleem-Filk, awards Sean Rasmussen an honorary citizenship for Planet Twilo

Planet Twilo Citizenship AwardCyberking Bleem-Filk

The recent review of Cyberculture King Bleem-Filk, on DoYouDiggIt, sparked a generous gesture by the Stumbleupon blogging legend. He awarded an honorary citizenship certificate for his home planet, Planet Twilo, to Sean Rasmussen.

The Planet Twilo citizenship is a highly desired award in the Stumbleupon community and cannot be gained too easily. When interviewed, upon the presentation of this prestigious award, an overwhelmed Rasmussen said:

I do not know what to say… Words fail me! As a kid, I dreamed of this but never really thought it could become reality

As there are only about 100 citizens on Planet Twilo, as revealed during a candid interview with Bleem-Filk, there is no need for a surname on the certificate. If Sean ever manages to overcome the ever rising rocket fuel prices to visit his second home, he will be likely to get the phonenumber: 12, should you wish to call him.

Cyberculture on Stumbleupon

On a serious note, you can visit Bleem-Filk’s stumbleupon pages to see what the fuss is about in the world of Social Networking and Cyberculture. If you aren’t already a Stumbleupon user, this place may just be a little strange to you. However, have some patience and look through the great world that Bleem-Filk lives in.

Who knows, you might just like it!

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Have fun, and as Captain Filk would say: May The Salad Fork Be With You!

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