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Do You Digg It is happy to consider all suggestions for blog reviews; in fact, we welcome it!

This is a community-based blog, and as such we encourage reader participation.  Feel free to submit a link to your own blog, or a blog you admire.  Additionally, if there is a topic you would like to see represented but have no specific blog in mind, let us know and we will do the searching for you.

It’s simple to submit blogs and suggestions for review.  Simply leave a comment on any blog post with a link to the blog (or just the topic as the case may be).  All comments are monitored daily, so we will find your recommendation this way–and save ourselves some email SPAM in the process!  Then check back daily for your suggested blog’s review! (Do understand that the process can take time, we often have a lengthy list of blogs awaiting our attention).

Welcome to the Do You Digg It blog community, and thank you for your interest and participation!