Success And Celebrations

There’s been a lot to celebrate around here lately. We’ve just recently posted our 100th Do You Digg It! blog Celebrate Digg and The Secretreview, which happens (truly by chance) to coincide with Sean Rasmussen’s release of The Secret Law of Attraction. In celebration, weekend posts featured some great success blogs, like Pastor Richard Onebamoi’s Self Improve Blog, a blog featuring the secret Law of Attraction and other classic empowerment and wealth and success writers. Today we’ll take a minute out to feature a few others from our blog review archives (and of course give you the link to the book, too!).

Blogging Success

Success, wealth, and personal development have been a primary focus of blog reviews here on Do You Digg It! Our very first post was one of those, in fact. Check it out here and read our review of AngesBiz, a blog dedicated to wealth and success.

To keep you growing and succeeding, here are some other blogs of interest as we celebrate success.

• B. Smith’s Wealth & Wisdom blog leverages Vincent Pareto’s 80/20 principle to clarify wealth and discover the secrets to success.
TR Coach will take you from where you are to where you want to be while exploring the theories of universal law that apply to wealth and success.
• Last but not least, we revisit our review of Benny Greenberg’s, one of our most inspiring and most popular, comment-provoking posts.

The Secret Of Success, A Freebie For Our Readers

We promised a link to the newest free success eBook from Sean Rasmussen, and here it is (courtesy of, Sean’s success blog—non-monetized for your enlightenment and reading pleasure).

Friday marked the release of The Secret Law of Attraction at the blog. This is a revised and updated version of the Wallace Wattles classic, The Science of Getting Rich. It’s been very well received and gotten some great positive comments thus far. Stop by Sean’s blog for your own free copy and let us know what you think!

Go to to download your free copy of The Secret Law of Attraction.

Great things are happening all around! Join us as we celebrate Digg It’s fledgling success, and get the goods to boost your own!

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Do You Digg It!
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4 Responses to “Success And Celebrations”

  1. Benny Greenberg Says:

    I am honored to be mentioned. The blog is great and keep up the good work! And I will be downloading the book!

    Congratulations and much success


  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Well Benny you’ve certainly earned your top spot! Thanks for the kudos, and enjoy the book. I think you’ll like it!

    Thanks a lot for stopping by and thanks for the congrats!

  3. Ange Recchia Says:

    Thanks for the mention Mary… it’s quite a celebration and Sean’s book is fabulous!!

    Congrats on your 100th “Do You Digg It” post :)

    I look forward to the next 100!

  4. Mary Ward Says:

    Thanks Ange! And thanks for being our first guinea pig, too :)

    Sean’s book is fabulous–I do hope lots of people get the goods from it!

    Here’s to the next 100!

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