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Too early for New Year’s posts and resolutions? Never. It’s never too early to take a positive look back, to learn from the resources at hand, and to plan for a bigger and better future. So just as Christmas seems the right time to revisit photoblogs of past reviews, this time of year also seems the right time to revisit the many excellent success and motivational blogs that have graced the cyberpages of Do You Digg It.

Do It Myself BlogGlenda Watson Hyatt has been the focus of posts here a couple of times. She is a truly inspirational person, one succeeding far beyond the average person, despite seemingly insurmountable challenges. If ever there was a person to prove that all things are possible, it’s Glenda. Be sure to see her blog and make it a regular stoop for continued motivation throughout the year.
Successful Blog – Liz Strauss has earned her big name in blogging and success motivation. Hers is a community with arms wide-open, sharing the best of blogging and success. And somehow, Liz always finds the time to meet new bloggers and commenters, and give a personal warm welcome and note of support. Make hers the stop for support and friendship on your journey on the path of success.
Positive Thinking – Kenny McBride shows us that positive thinking is an international action! For real, down-to-earth positivity and success communication, stop by Kenny’s blog.
• Our Own Sean Rasmussen – I know it’s only been days since we overviewed Sean’s blogs, but there is no rounding up success communication blogs without mentioning his. For ongoing success motivation and lots of great motivational freebies and eBooks, Sean’s blogs are a “must stop.”

Of course, these are not at all close to being all of our success and motivation blog reviews. There have been many over the course of the year, all of which you can access through the archives and categories of personal development, motivation, and success. Spend some time here reviewing the reviews, and pick out a few to follow to keep you motivated toward even more success this year.

Wishing you the most successful year ever!

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