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16th Letter

The 16th Letter is a collection of “Thoughts on how the internet intersects with work, life, & play.” It is the work of Beverly, Massachusetts (USA) internet business incubator Melissa Chang. Melissa, whose resume is packed with proven experience in web business in many different capacities, is the founder and President of Pure Incubation, Chang’s internet consulting and incubation company.

Melissa Chang’s extensive resume has built in her a wealth of valuable knowledge into the world of internet business, and also beyond it into the social side of life on the web. She combines these aspects into her blog and helps people to see the effect and effectiveness of the internet today on both work and play.

16th Letter – Why You Should Go

The 16th Letter is primarily business-focused, but not completely. There is a lot for the average person to learn from Melissa, and she presents it all in understandable terms. Her blog is a mix of tutorial and commentary on the recent happenings of business and media on the web. Her posts help readers learn to build businesses on the web from the bottom up and maintain them by remaining current on the evolution of current internet trends.

In addition The 16th Letter also highlights current internet news and events. But Melissa does more than link to the news; she also takes great care to analyze the situations as she presents them, and give her insightful take on each piece to help readers to make just a little more sense of it all.

Summing Up 16th Letter

Melissa Chang’s 16th Letter blog is information-packed to be sure, but it is also a place of friendliness and personality. She brings the right mix of personality and information and professionalism to her blog, which is a great place to learn about both the simple and complex aspects of working and playing on the web.

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