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365 Days Of Trash

What do you do with your trash 365 days of the year? If you are like most people you justify your waste with a touch of recycling, and then throw away the balance never to be seen again. Unfortunately, we all know that last part isn’t at all true—the waste is simply shifted, not really dealt with, and just becomes a problem in another place of the city, state, region, or world.

But what can you do about it? We all create waste. We all need to live healthily. But we also have to respect and preserve our planet, right? So how do you reconcile the waste you create and the mess we are collectively making of the place?

365 Days of Trash – Why You Should Go

If you are Sustainable Dave you challenge yourself—challenge yourself not to throw anything away for a year. To recycle as much as possible, to compost as much as possible, and to stash the remainder (which you are now sure to limit significantly) in the basement. And then you blog about it. (Oh yes—and you develop a course on conservation and sustainability to teach to California kids and teens.)

What purpose would that serve? It would show you and the world that there are much better ways to deal with your trash, starting with the choices you make, than just making it go “away.” It would show you and everyone who reads your blog that the average person can do a whole lot more to be making the world a better, cleaner, cooler place to live. And it would inspire others to reassess their living (and wasting) habits.

Summing Up 365 Days Of Trash

By now you surely have questions and to be honest the answers are too many to relate in this short space, so I’ll leave that to Sustainable Dave. He has provided pretty much every answer you could think of (including, yes, “are you insane?”) and listed them on an FAQ page on his blog site, as well as a list of “The Rules” he goes by.

A lot of thought has gone into Dave’s experiment, and he’s done a lot of learning and teaching along the way. Reading his blog doesn’t take a long daily time commitment, but the impact is significant. Chances are that you won’t go to Dave’s extent, but chances are good, too, that just knowing how possible a cleaner, more sustainable lifestyle is will inspire you to do a little better yourself. And that collective effort is sure to add up to something.

Go here to check out 365 Days of Trash.

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