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A Photo A Day From Planet Earth

A Photo A Day From Planet Earth is the work of Rich from Oxford, England. Inspired by his friend’s Oxford photoblog, Rich decided to take the idea global and create a blog where contributors would send in photos from points all around the globe. The result is a highly successful blog and supportive blog community, all working together in appreciation of the planet we call home.

A Photo A Day From Planet Earth- Why You Should Go

The premise of the blog itself is very simple. Contributors from all over the world are invited to send in their photos, with a minimal requirement of location details and preferably a short description of the location and/or events. Submissions are accepted via email or via a dedicated Flickr group, and then chosen and posted by Rich. From that well of submissions, Rich selects and posts a new unique picture each day. Submissions have come from all corners of the world and include some fantastic takes on life and photography.

Summing Up A Photo A Day From Planet Earth

“I think I wanted to launch an experiment in randomness, do something truly global and collaborative, and just see where it went.”
–Rich, in an interview with Free Photo Resources

That quote is a good summation of what this blog is—it is a global effort that illustrates the random, diverse, and eclectic nature of life on Earth which has grown into a truly collaborative community effort, giving us all the opportunity to enjoy a new view of our planet.

Go here to check out A Photo A Day From Planet Earth.

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