What Are Your Blogging Pet Peeves?

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Today we’ll take just a short break from our blog reviews to chat a little on the topic of blogging. Please feel free to chime in any time…

About Blog Pet Peeves

I came across a funny thing the other day when I reviewed the Spunky Homeschool blog. If you visited there and read the ‘About’ page, you noticed that Karen Braun said she had the page because ‘LaShawn’ said she needed one. Further on you learn that somewhere along the line LaShawn made a post, much like this one I would assume, laying out the things about blogs and blogging that bug her—her blogging pet peeves.

I felt a connection with this anonymous LaShawn as soon as I read that, because that is probably my biggest pet peeve about blogs, too! I am always disappointed (and maybe a little annoyed on my grumpier days) when I am reviewing or researching a blog and there is no way for me to learn more about it and the writer.

What A Quick About Page Can Do

Now, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, and your ‘About’ page does not need to be long. Just a quick snippet letting readers know a little about the topic of your blog and perhaps your angle or perspective, and then a little about something about you will suffice. You do not even need to reveal your real name; there are good reasons to remain anonymous as a blogger. People look to this page just to find out if this is a blog that, in general, covers a topic of interest to them. It’s a summary of your time blogging and your posts that is a resource for new readers, and also for committed readers who want to know you and your blog a little bit better.

If you do not have an ‘About‘ page or a profile page, you should consider taking a moment to post one. I think as bloggers we take for granted that the topic and nature of our blog is obvious on any given day, but that’s really not the case. Besides that, we all have those days when we stray a bit from the norm and get a little off-topic, and you want to ensure that a busy visitor can easily find out what your blog is really about.

So there. I’ve aired my peeves, now tell me yours. What is your blogging pet peeve(s)?

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