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Owlhaven is the blog of Mary Ostyn. Ostyn is the mom to 10 children, six of whom were adopted. She has children ranging in age from college to preschool, and she still finds time to write! She is an expert in feeding a large family on a budget and an excellent parenting writer, too.

Owlhaven – Why You Should Go

If you have adopted children (particularly from other countries) or have a large family, or just want to hear the adventures of a mom who keeps a lot of balls in the air, this is a great blog. Mary has great insight into the challenges that all moms face, whether you have 1 child, or like Mary, have 10.

Summing Up Owlhaven

A great parenting blog. Mary is inspirational, funny and practical. Moms everywhere will appreciate her thriftiness, her recipes and her insight into parenting children from other cultures and in a wide range of ages. Her strength, her courage and her ability to keep life in perspective amid the challenges of so many children is truly amazing.

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